People are still suffering today.

The first example which surprised me is the failure of global health. After reading the data which are showed on the slide, I am shocked by the number of people who dead for different reasons. For example, there around 39 million people with HIV right now, 4.1 million new infections and 2.8 million deaths per year. Before reading the statues, I would never know how serious is global health. The second point which surprised me is the success of global health. Even if we have so many people died because of so many different reasons, our global health are still successful in so many part in our society. For example, Immunization coverage approximately 75-80% worldwide; Almost elimination of polio and measles. I remembered that when I was a child, it was really easy to get polio and measles. As time went by, our skill of health care growth in a fast way. In other words, people can stop worrying some diseases such as polio and measles. When I was a child, I never think our health care can prevent us from these two diseases. The third fact which shocked me is poverty. According to the slides, there are more than 1 billion live on less than $1/day; Another 1.5 billion live on less than $2/day. Also, poverty is not only talking about money, but also containing poor nutrition and health. These statics totally changed my opinion about poverty. Before reading these slides, I only know that poverty is about money. Also, I have no idea of the reality which is extremely cure.

Report #1 INDIGENOUS PEOPLES IN COPENHAGEN SAY, “FIRST, RESPECT OUR RIGHTS!” (Adopted in Barcelona, 02-06 November 2009.) In this report, Indigenous representatives from every continent and indigenous people from all over the world is involved. All the indigenous representatives from every continent such as Bali, Bonn, Bangkok, and Barcelona have been gathering in all the pre-meetings of Copenhagen meetings, and they talked about how serious is the climate change. They argued that Indigenous peoples from all over the world are directly affected by the climate change. It effects indigenous peoples’ human rights, including food sovereignty, health, traditional/ancestral knowledge, rights to lands, territories and resources, cultural integrity and wellbeing, among others. So, they discussed 6 standards to solve this problem and called all the parties in the global community range to obey those standards.

Report #2 PERU: FORCE OIL COMPANY TO CLEAN UP SPILLS. (January 10, 2014). In this report, Indigenous people who lives besides Amazon, an US-based company Occidental Petroleum and a person whose name is Elmer Hualinga, Quechua, lives in Nuevo Andoas are involved. Basically, the entire event happened near Amazon. An US-based company Occidental Petroleum illegally dumped their industrial waste water directly into the Pastaza, Tigre, and Corrientes rivers for 30 years and it’s average is about 850,000 barrels each day. The contamination is slowly harming the Indigenous groups who live there, including the Quechua peoples. Those contaminations will cause a lot of diseases such as lung cancer, heart disease, kidney failure, and brain damage. Elmer Hualinga, Quechua, lives in Nuevo Andoas says that he has to keep their family members alive even if they do not have water. This is the saddest thing in the world.

Report #3 BRAZIL: EMERGENCY RESPONSE TO MALNUTRITION IN MATO GROSSO (published at February 11, 2005). In this report, the Ministry of Social Development (MDS), a group of people who are living in Guarani-Kaiowá, and other Indian agencies. The entire event happened in Guarani- Kaiowá. According to the statics, there are over 15 indigenous people in the Matto Grosso area died as a result of malnutrition and two children have already died in 2005. Based on those facts, the MDS start giving the food basket to those people. It includes milk, oil, rice, beans, sugar, and coffee. Also the MDS developing the solutions with other Indian agency.

In this assignment, I think the most challenge for me is the researching part. As a international student, reading is a huge “roadblock” for me. Also, during the process of researching, it really to find a report which relates to health issues. A lot of post contains the keyword, but they are not talking about the health issues. For the most successful part in this assignment, I have to say it is the first paragraph in this assignment. Even if there are too many slides, most of them is statics. It is really easy to see the point and find information from those statics.


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