Local sights and customs in the Sudan


The title of this video is “Sudanese Wedding Song by Bakri Elmaghrabi” This video was published on Oct 1, 2015. This video talks about the song when Sudanese. Also, the pictures in the video shows the dressing during the Sudanese Wedding. When Sudan women married to other men, there are some tattoos, gold bracelets on their hand. On the head of women who are going to marry, there is a red endshield and some gold jewelries. Besides, all the dressing color should be red. This is also similar to Chinese traditional wedding. Red is the symbol of lucky and happiness. Through listening this song, I can hear how excited when the Sudanese marry others. The author’s name for this video is called Bakri Elmaghrabi. The category of his videos is about people and blogs. Personally, since his category is people and blogs, his purpose might be education. Also, this video was published in lreland, but he is a Sudanese and his Sudan name is قناة السودان. Based on those information, I cannot really recognize his identity is professional or not. The copyright statement of this video is Standard YouTube License.




The name of this video is called Sudan,” The Most Beautiful Country In The World”. This video is upload on Jan 5, 2011. It mainly focusses on the Sudanese local conditions and customs. There are beaches, deserts, oceans, mountains and rivers in Sudan. Also, this video shows that different people who live in different environment may have different dressing. On the desert, most of the people were kerchiefs and some staffs which can protect them from the storm. Sometimes, they would also graze some sheep and cows. On opposite, those people who lives close to the city would wear some white kerchiefs, and they used to play with their families around the tree. The author of this video is called Jalil al-Hamza. In the description part, he says that this video is about his home. So, I may infer he is a local Sudanese and a traveler or student. Also, he currently lives out of the Sudan. Since the category of this video is travel and events, I think his purpose is recording and entertainment. The statement of this video is Stand YouTube License.


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