The terrible health situation in the Sudan


Overview: According to the research of the Malakal Teaching Hospital, people in South Sudan have extremely poor opportunity to get health car, and this country lacks equipment of health care and medical workers. Moreover, in the Sudan, vulnerable groups are particularly at risk. The maternal mortality rate in the Sudan is the highest in the world. Also, those people who lives in this country are easy to infect diseases such as meningitis, measles, yellow fever, and whooping cough endemic. Right now, the Malakal Teaching Hospital are helping the Sudan people escape from the disease with the local government. They are building some facilities, hospital, and providing job opportunities in order to help people.

Citation: South Sudan: desperate struggle for health care in world’s newest nation. (2012, July 06). Retrieved May07, 2017, from

Evaluation: This article is published on the international committee of the road cross website, and there is no specific author’s name. However, as we know, the international committee of the road cross is a powerful organization which helps people around all over the world to escape from the trouble of diseases. So, this organization has the absolute right to speak in the aspect of health issues. The basic goal of the international committee of the road is protecting human life and health, to ensure respect for all human beings, and to prevent and alleviate human suffering. This article was published at 06-07-2012. Personally, I think the audience of this organization and publican is all the people who are still alive in this world.

Part E:  This article covers the fact. All the statics are collected by the International committee of the road cross. The information which shows up in this website is valid, and there are evidences support. In other same topic which I have read, I never read the same information and ideas. The author’s point is objective because those are facts; the language which has been used in this article has no bias and free of emotion-arousing words. The author identify your selected group as people in South Sudan. It is not clear that this author belongs to the group which he is writing about.


Overview: This article states the bad health care condition in South Sudan. The author’s aunt died in Doctors’ Hospital in Khartoum because of the bad health care condition. He argued that almost all the doctors in the Sudan lack of the interests about the patients’ sickness history. They will judge the state of an illness by looking at the information which was proved by their family instead of evaluating by themselves. Also, there are no good condition health care facilities and equipment in the South Sudan. When medications which are not available in Sudan, the patients and their relatives have to move to other country which close to the Sudan. Besides, because of the high rate of tax, most of the doctors in the Sudan have lost, their ethical responsibility of caring for the patient. They care about money instead of the patients.

Citation: Latif, A. M. (n.d.). The failing health system in Sudan. Retrieved May 07, 2017, from,20701

Evaluation: This author lives in New Jersey, USA. For the rest of the information, I can’t tell recently because I could not find. This article is published on the website of Sudan Tribune. So, I may guess this author associated with this organization. Also, this organization is focus on news and views , so, the goal for this organization is collecting and reporting news and views of the Sudan. Personally, I think the audience for the author and the organization are those people who are still suffering in the Sudan because of the bad health care condition.

Part E:  This information(story) is personal opinion. This information is valid because this his real experience. In my previous study, I never read the same topic. The author’s opinion is subjective because this his personal story. The language is not free of emotion-arousing words, but there is no bias. The author identifies my selected group as people in South Sudan. It is clear that the author is a member of the cultural group he is writing about because this is the his real experience.


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